Dine: Promotions

Henri Charpentier – Now Open  Arrow

Bienvenue a 100 AM!  Henri Charpentier has now opened at 100 AM Level 1!

A bientot!

NEW – EvenTasty Noodle Bar  Arrow

Relish hand pulled noodles at the brand new EvenTasty Noodle Bar located near Starbucks on Level 1!

Happy Cup Level 2  Arrow

Since 1996, Happy Cup has been serving fresh, healthy and natural tea beverages to not only tea aficionados, but to people of all ages.

Ma Maison  Arrow

Ma Maison is open on Level 2!  Enjoy an array of yummylicious dishes perfect for families with kids!

Ura Hototogisu  Arrow


Konjiki Hototogisu (金色不如帰) was founded in 2006 by Chef Atsushi Yamamoto in Tokyo, Japan.

Monster Curry – Level 2  Arrow

Monster Curry is the only Japanese restaurant in Singapore serving a demi-glace curry sauce made with 14 spices and vegetables, and cooked over 2 days to bring out its ‘umami’ to the fullest. Select from 5 levels of spiciness to give your curry an extra kick. Big on taste and size, Monster Curry’s Japanese curry rice comes topped with an assortment of katsu items on a whopping 34-cm diameter plate!

belle-ville Pancake Cafe – Level 1  Arrow

Since 1958, belle-ville Pancake Cafe from Osaka Japan.    Original made-to-order fresh meringue mille-feuille pancakes!    Opening Hours: 8:30am to 9pm (Last Order 8.30pm)

Pullman Bakery – Hokkaido Japan  Arrow

Pullman Bakery is a Japanese bakery with its origins from Hokkaido, Japan.
Mr. Kazuomi TACHIHARA started baking in Tokyo and has been crafting quality bread since 1978. Pullman Bakery currently has 5 stores in Sapporo, Japan, and Singapore.  Pullman Bakery uses nothing but the freshest ingredients.   Ingredients used at the bakery include flour, potatoes, and onions, which are locally grown and produced in Hokkaido, Japan.

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 7 am to 10 pm | Weekends 8.30 am to 10 pm

So Good Bakery  Arrow

So Good Bakery – Level 1

Fresh from the oven, pastries and cakes…that taste so good…you will come back for more!

Itadakimasu by PARCO – The Taste of Japan  Arrow

The Taste of Japan

Relish a variety of delectable gourmet!

ITADAKIMASU is a place where you can enjoy specially curated Japanese delicacies at affordable prices.