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Iki Soba  Arrow

Healthy Soba IKI is a health conscious Japanese Restaurant with a mission to promote coolness which means “IKI” in Singapore.
We offer 100% Buckwheat Soba (十割蕎麦) from Japan and it to serve freshly made in outlet. 100 AM branch is our 2nd branch in Singapore.

Mincheng Bibimbap  Arrow

Mincheng Bibimbap, authentic Chinese Korean ethnic cuisine, from Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, China.
It has 400 outlets worldwide and the first outlet to open in Singapore is at 100 AM!

So Good Bakery  Arrow

So Good Bakery – Level 1

Fresh from the oven, pastries and cakes…that taste so good…you will come back for more!

Itadakimasu by PARCO – The Taste of Japan  Arrow

The Taste of Japan

Relish a variety of delectable gourmet!

ITADAKIMASU is a place where you can enjoy specially curated Japanese delicacies at affordable prices.