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The Xiang Pavilion – Authentic Hunan Cuisine

UNIT NO. : 02-14A/14B
TEL NO. : 6538 3371

The Xiang Pavilion 国色天湘 is home to authentic Hunan Cuisine Restaurant at 100 AM!

The Xiang Pavilion’s chefs have had many years of working experience in creating Award-Winning Hunan Cuisine in 5-Star Hotels, China.

The head chef of The Xiang Pavilion was awarded the title of “湘菜名师”,  renowned Hunan Cuisine Chef, by the esteemed Hunan Cuisine Industry Association.

Popular dishes include Steamed Fish Head with homemade Chili, Stir-fried Beef with Parsley, Pork with Roasted Sweet Pepper, Chicken Soup Pot with Handmade Meatball, Sliced Fish, Mushroom, and Egg and more.

The Xiang Pavilion 国色天湘 infuses a unique taste of herbs, pepper and spice to create a myriad of flavours in its dishes!